About the Spring Equinox Litter Clean Up

Our Mission

To start a new nationwide tradition. Once a year, on the Sunday nearest the Spring Equinox, we make a collective effort to clean up our hedges, verges, gutters, pavements, roads, river banks and beaches.

Is this possible?

Yes it is!

There are 215,200 miles of minor roads (roads that are not motorways or ‘A’ roads) in the UK. That length is enough wrap around the earth 8.6 times!

If just 10% of the UK volunteered to help clean up the nation’s roads, each volunteer would have to clear less than 50 metres.

Why do this on the Spring Equinox?

The Spring Equinox is one of two days of the year when night and day are nearly the exact same length – 12 hours – Equinox even means ‘equal night’ in Latin.

On the astrological calendar it is considered the first day of Spring , and thus brings with it the traditional ‘spring clean’. As we have spent far too much time this past year stuck in doors, we want to clean up the great outdoors.

We want to try to pick up as much litter as possible before the hedgerows grow, and the animals make their homes ready for their young. We are less likely to disturb the wildlife and it should be easier to find litter while there is little growth.

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