The Spring Equinox Litter Clean Up
Sunday 21st March
Get out there and make a difference!
But follow the covid rules!

Follow the steps below to take part

Now partnered with Clean Up Sevenoaks

1. Choose an Area

To ensure we are not all cleaning up the same places, use our map to see other volunteers planned route. Plan your own route and tell us about it when registering so we can add it to our map.

Let us know where when you Register.

View the map on Maphub

2. Register your interest

Unfortunately, we are out of free litter pickers/grabbers. We recommend purchasing your own at UK based Helping Hand Environmental. Alternatively, check out all options on Amazon.

All equipment is donated by Sea Green Consulting.

See our disclaimer and GDPR policy at the bottom of this page.

3. Download the Litterati App

Download the free app Litterati on your phone, and register for The Spring Equinox Litter Clean Up. On the day use the app to take pictures of all the litter you find and after we will know how much litter we cleaned up.

Share Code: 659030

4. Checklist for the day


Make sure you have your litter picker, strong bag, gloves, and phone with your newly downloaded Litterati app.

If your route is by a road we recommend wearing a high viz jacket or bright clothing. And remember to wear suitable footwear and warm clothing.

You should also carry out a risk-assessment.

Go for a walk

Read the Read the Litter Clean Up Guide.

Grab your equipment, household/bubble and head out for a walk on your planned route.

Any litter you see, take a photo using the Litterati app and then clean it up.

Get Social

Tag us #springequinoxcleanup in any photos from your litter picking walk.

Look out for the published results of our litter clean up on our website and social media pages.



This initiative is organised and sponsored by Sea Green Consulting Ltd.


Volunteers should not participate in litter picks unless they understand and accept that participation is entirely at their own risk. Although this initiative has been organised and sponsored by Sea Green Consulting Ltd, volunteers are not working for, or on behalf of the Sea Green Consulting Ltd or any of Sea Green Consulting Ltd’s associated companies and therefore the forementioned companies cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or personal injury or death caused whilst litter picking.  Although Volunteers may have sent Sea Green Consulting Ltd details of where they intend to pick litter, this does not place any responsibility whatsoever on Sea Green Consulting Ltd or its Directors and/or employees and/or subcontractors.  Volunteers must make their own risk assessments before taking part in any litter picking.  In addition,  they must abide by the law of the land, including the laws in relation to covid-19 and trespassing.


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How will we use your information?

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